Senior Participant

The people listed here have been part of the Pod process for at least 1 year and know what works and what does not

Nova Brinsky

Nova Brinsky, Two years pod experience including “pit” pod for people with depression.

After her own depression diagnosis in 2013, Nova started on a journey of self discovery. She had to pick herself up and navigate through job loss, divorce, custody battle, an abusive relationship and bankruptcy. Her journey has made her into a strong and empowered woman who attributes her perseverance to her 4 children, being raised to never give up, and her life coach, Barry. She understands the importance connection had in her recovery, and is passionate about lending her strength and ability to connect to those who are struggling to find their next step. She is a power engineer by trade but currently lives out her passion by running her own business, up-cycling and repurposing abused and discarded furniture into beautiful works of art.

Vance Mowatt, An amazing creation from the good Lord above, not yet living up to his full potential as a father, husband, and leader. A man moved by the Pod experience. An overcomer, bound and determined to make a difference in the lives of the wounded, a repairer of broken connections and relationships. A builder of not just houses, but of Bridges to wholeness and emotional freedom.

Vance Mowatt