Group Facilitation

“We have lost the ability to listen; to ourselves and others. I had to reconnect with myself, to learn to connect with others. I participate in the pods to keep myself accountable to the person I want to be. Making time once a week to show up and be present helps keep my awareness alive...allowing me to forego the blind stubble through life I was previously on. Now I take every step myself. On purpose.’
Nova Brinsky, Alberta, Canada
“I have spent my life getting good at being alone. Alone in a hard hat at work, alone in a motor cycle helmet while riding in the mountains and even alone in a hockey helmet while playing a team sport. Years after I retired I realized I had lost connection with myself , my family and my friends. My pod is the place where I can learn and practice the skills I need to reconnect with my self and my family. In short, a safe place to make my life whole again.”
Lloyd, BC. Canada
On Mondays, i connect with the pod, and during the week if we want. Our respective burdens differ but our healing through being deeply together and honest with our emotions is common. As I am being seen, i learn what it is like to be seen, and become visible, not only to others, but to me as well. As I am listened to, I learn what it is to have others curious about me, my feelings and thoughts, and i become interesting to them, and to me as well. As I am heard, I see and learn what it is to have an impact on others, and I start to matter to them, and to me as well. For me the pod has been a safe, authentic, true, caring space where i learn about being, as opposed to a life of doing, never enough, endlessly, soul sucking. It has been a place where i can drop the mask of demands, and feel safe to explore who I actually am and what i can truly bring. The pod has been a place of acceptance, connection and learning, leading to healing and growth. Basically, the pod is what a home should be. It is never too late to find an unexpected home and learn and repair what was missed on the way.
Cecile, San Jose, California
I grew up in a very rule-oriented home, with lots of siblings, and I tend to have a really hard time going into new situations when I don’t know what is expected. Although I’ve learned that in many situations there are no rules, the pod has provided me with open windows into life lived differently, and an ongoing invitation to just show up and bring myself. Not just be myself, but bring myself – no more, and no less – and that bringing myself makes a difference to the others. Everything is done with permission, and everyone is invited to step in. The result is almost always powerful. I have been dragged out of my comfort zone, and seen evidence of transformed lives. I have seen how the sharing of one person’s vulnerability and dark past can become a beacon of hope for others. One of the keys that I picked up from the pod is to ask myself more often: Do I want connection, or do I want to be right? I want connection. I have grown to love the pod experience and the participants, and I am noticing changes in some of my interactions with myself and with others.
Diana, Vancouver, Canada
Being part of a Pod has allowed me to reacquaint my small inner self with my larger outer self. It has also dashed the fears and wariness of opening up and allowing the real me to express the beauty and depth of my being. The Pod is like a cocoon, a safe place to morph from what was only a shadow into what I was created for. Truly beautiful things come from the security and safety of a nurturing environment a POD, IF you will, where the old and un-serving ways of a human can be shed and replaced with the light and breath of connection. What does this mean? Kinda like the house on the block where we gathered as children, because it felt safe and secure, and we could just be ourselves while we were there. A sense of belonging existed and no one had any expectations of us and therefore fitting in was autonomous.
Vance, Alberta Canada

My pod is my gutsy, relational and evolving family that continually show me just how important and fun emotional life is.

Barry Samson, BC., Canada

“An amazing gift in my life!

As a professional woman, mother of two, grandmother of two – the relational tools garnered in our Monday evening pods have encouraged and taught me new life skills in business, family and friendships of long standing.

Observing other’s journey and sharing my own, has brought enhanced self evaluation and an understanding that open expression of emotional life with feedback from individuals in a group is invaluable!

I regard our pod as a two hour weekly investment in effective change to individual wellness!”

Maureen, Vernon, BC, Canada

I joined the pod to increase growth & confidence for speaking in group settings. It has been a safe place to be vulnerable and honest. Through the interactions with the group I've become aware of negative thinking and speaking habits around uncomfortable situations. I've learned to view fear differently...not as an enemy trying to stop me from 'what matters most to me', but as information where I can choose to move towards what I really want.


Ellie Alberta, Canada