Coaching reference for one on one with Barry

“Barry Samson is a natural as a coach. He brings a quality of unconditional acceptance, deep listening and metaphorical mirroring that helps me see myself and my life from new perspectives. Throughout my coaching sessions, I have the experience of someone leaning into my vision and supporting me to get clear on the path ahead. As Barry’s client, I feel known, seen, heard, understood and sufficiently challenged. In just a few months of working with Barry, I created significant transformation in my life and recently launched a project that had been tucked away on my dream shelf for more than five years. I have and will continue to recommend Barry as a conscious coach and purposeful practitioner.”
Elan , Vancouver
“Hello my name is Jody. About a year ago I found myself in place where I needed help. My wife of 14 years told me she was done and wanted to move towards a separation and divorce. To say I was lost would be an understatement. At the time when we started I was in a really dark place. In all HONESTY I was at the lowest point in my life. My thoughts, my depression, my spirit was… Well let’s just say I am so happy that I set out on this journey with Barry. The goals we set and attained built the foundation for the path that I am on today. Now I’m not saying that it was easy! The way I challenged myself to stretch and to not shy away from the discomfort was difficult. The path I have chose is a work in progress. The fact that I have reignited my light is a gift I will be forever grateful. Looking back I find it hard to believe that I didn’t actively look for a life coach earlier. My sessions with Barry fit me like a glove. When I started this process I committed myself to be open to all that was asked of me. I can now happily say that I’m back on my own two feet and doing my best to stay out of my own way. ”
Jody , Regina
“Depression is a disease of how you feel and if you can change how you feel you are essentially cured” (Andy Solomon) Barry robbed me of my ignorance and helped me frame a new perspective on my world that has brought me back to clear skies and has empowered me to move forward in a new life that is going to be filled with joy and happiness. Thank you Barry. You made a difference.
Clint , Calgary
“What coaching means to me … Somewhere along the way, I lost myself. My life was adrift and I was stubbornly shouldering whatever was cast my direction. Survival was instinct and then I read a vulnerable little paragraph that introduced me to Barry, “The Coach”. I was floored with awe. It’s ok to be me? My coaching with Barry started with a severely depressed spirit. A spirit who learned to let fear and failures take rein. Our sessions have helped me nourish my soul by embracing my failures, celebrating my weaknesses, toasting my strengths, and most importantly, listening to my spirit. My life has an exhilarating, wholesome, aliveness to it that I find hard to believe I ever functioned without. I treasure and trust the relationship I have with my coach. The excitement he has when we are really digging into something is contagious. And no matter what the topic or outcome, he is always ready to get dirty…and hold my hand. Coaching has brought passion back into my life, a genuine lust for everything life has to offer. It has brought an eagerness to embrace every moment; to its fullest emotion; genuinely me. ”
Nova , Red Deer
“In just more then a year that I have been working with Barry I became engaged, had a child, two things I had great anxiety about, and increased the revenue of my business 300%. Barry has coaxed my deepest fears and self imposed limitations out into the open to be dealt with and quickly dissolved. I credit much of my swift personal growth and better experience of life to the perception and skill of a my great coach. I am grateful Barry came into my life.”
Grant , Lloydminster
“Barry is a coach that gently and eloquently aids in evoking transformation in one’s life. Transformation can only come from within and that is where Barry uses powerful questions to learn what resonates with his clients. He encourages and challenges you to see the whole picture of your life as it is and as you’d like it to be, without getting sidetracked by the minutia. He is an empathetic listener, champion in your corner and a skilled Co-Active Coach. I highly recommend his coaching services!”
Lillian , New York
“Over the course of our time together Barry helped me recalibrate my emotional compass assisting me in transforming my experience of emotion from that of an adversary to that of an ally. The result is positive change both at home and at work .”
John, Amsterdam
When a coach can gently lead you to something that you are already aware of but don’t know how to process, and YOU have run out of storage space in YOUR “un filed feelings” baggage, it is a great day. Eventually there ARE no more un filed or un dealt with feelings or fears and there is only a “leaning in” expression of joy and openness. The security and protection I felt in being in a one on one coaching setting partnered with my yearning for something “MORE IN LIFE” CAUSED a major growth explosion. This newfound masculine approach to “doing life” is the very thing us men need to “bring to our other halves” so they feel heard and protected. WHAT WE GET WHEN we “bring to our other halves” or simply “bring to others” is the fascinating and fulfilling dance of connection known as LOVE. One on one coaching was the catalyst for this revelation.
Vance, Alberta Canada