Barry Samson

Barry Samson, CPCC , BA—Certified co-active coach, philosophy major, leadership, facilitation and mediation training. Social entrepreneur, 26 years business experience, professional hunting guide and outfitter, extensive travel. In his own words Barry says, “There is really only one main niche when it comes to bringing forwarding to people’s lives and that is engaging the emotional engine directly, which if done properly, will positively inform every aspect of a person’s life, including their financial and relational affairs.”

Anna Dobos, BA sociology, MA candidate in Counselling Psychology. Trained in a variety of body-based healing modalities, leadership coach, addiction counsellor, movement facilitator and yoga instructor E-RYT 500.

Anna is passionate about helping people discover their full potential, their full capacity to live and lead with clarity, presence and impact.

She is a story teller, a dance and connection lover.

In her own words Anna says, “One of the most courageous and loving acts you can do in this stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Those who struggle catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.”

Anna Dobos

Nicole Berg

Nicole Berg, MSc, BA, CPCC, ACC, FRSA works with couples in conflict. She supports and challenges couples to align their actions to their values – to be in integrity with their partner. This transformation sounds simple. It is. But if it were easy, it would already be done. By changing habitual ways of feeling, thinking, and acting, a new world is opened – one of peace, trust, and possibility.

Nicole is certified through the industry-leading Co-Active Training Institute. She sits on the editorial advisory board for Coaching at Work, the global leading coaching magazine, and is a former relationship columnist. Nicole places a high value on excellence in service, and is the recipient of eight coaching awards, including 2019 Life & Career Coaching Practice (UK) by Corporate Vision Magazine and 2019 Most Trusted Life Coaching Service (UK) by Global Business Insight.

Dan Barraclough – CPCC, MBA, BSc Applied Science. Dan has over 25 years in business and has held roles ranging from General Manager to Executive Vice President of People & Culture. He is passionate about developing leaders and building company cultures that empower people and embrace diversity. Dan currently provides leadership development and coaching services on a consulting basis. To this role, he brings his insight into leadership development, effective collaboration, and coaching.

“I’m a firm believer in communicating and building relationships with all of those around you. Besides creating success, it’s more fun.”

Dan Barraclough